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If you take a walk through a forest, you’ll experience a myriad of sights
and sounds that evoke emotions within you. Hints of sunlight break through the darkened canopy. Some places are dark and scary. Others, light and vibrant with colour. Listen. Can you hear the birds? The buzz of the bees? Feel the wind. Deep into the depths of the woods, the trail may be thick and overgrown. You may feel unsafe. Apprehensive about what comes next. Even uncomfortable. But continue walking… and soon the darkness will open up to light again.

Just like a forest walk, life is a journey. We are simple, yet complicated. Life can be smooth sailing and at other times, the waters are rough.

The photographic images from Monya Fine Art prints are representations of true-life events, and each visual reflection is a self-portrait by the artist or revelations from nature. Every photograph tells a story, or part of a story and are in essence, Monya’s visual biography, powerful expressions created in the privacy of a photographic studio.

Says Monya: “Art has always been a way of escape for me, an escape from reality. An expression of things I am unable to put into words. Instead, I chose to put them in form. My visual expression started in my youth when my family moved around a lot and I started a new school many times through my young life. In privacy, I turned to art to find my way through the challenging times. I picked up a paint brush and used the movement of the brushstrokes to make sense of my feelings. I couldn’t paint the walls of our rented homes – so anything that
wasn’t a permanent fixture became my canvas, like the soft furnishings
in my bedroom.”

The inspiration for Monya Fine Art came from Monya’s personal journey. And the willingness to accept change and embrace a bright new future.

Love Starts Within You

Life is a journey

“Life is a journey. Sometimes we make plans, other times we drift along. And then there are the unexpected moments. As we go, we make choices. We make good ones and sometimes terrible ones. These experiences shape our perspective. If you burnt your hand once on a hot stove top, you are not
likely to touch it again. But rather steer away from the heat.” – Monya of Monya Fine Art

Choices, choices, choices. We all have them. We all make them.

Choices, choices, choices. We all have them. We all make them.


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